A Gift of Love

Men can’t do it all, but they certainly are willing to do the things they can do. Sometimes they try to do the things they can’t do, and it turns out they do a pretty good job there, too.

Like the time the men cooked a dinner for the women on Valentine’s Day. They had a simple menu – salad, spaghetti, bread and dessert. And a simple venue – the Fellowship Hall at the church. But they decided to bedazzle the evening with lights turned down low, soft music and waiter impersonations.

They dressed in white shirts and black pants. Each had a white linen towel draped over one arm, and each was more attentive than the next.

“Would you care for more water?”

“We have a variety of dressings for you to choose from. What’s your pleasure?”

“Of course we have more bread! With or without garlic?”

Our wish, their command. And we took great delight in commanding them!

It was one of the most uplifting nights I have ever spent. We were treated like royalty. Of course I am told that behind the scenes it was more like Hell’s Kitchen, but they never let on. Every February 14th that rolls around, I remember it with a smile.


“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”
— John 13:35 (KJV)


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