I’m Fantastic!

Fantastic! is a collection of entertaining and inspirational stories from my life as a Christian, a single mother, a woman of wit and wordplay.

Capturing dialogue is the most fun for me. I have written and directed plays for church and community organizations and find that “hearing” the expression on someone’s face imparts depth of understanding to the drama. Words can convey even the thoughts of a speechless kitty cat.

Fantastic! will give readers a chance to share choice moments of my life through encouraging vignettes laced with practicality and humor. It is a refreshing observation of one family’s discovery of the goodness of God through pain, sorrow and laughter.

God taught me about obedience — sometimes the hard way. He showed me that forgiveness can begin at the kitchen sink, and healing is just a prayer away. He came alongside me as a husband to nurture my children. He paid the bills and even did the yard work.

It’s a fun read. It’s poignant. It’s true. Busy readers can nibble snippets on the fly. It is easy to identify with the situations that confound us — the simple and the complex — and learn how God can bring clarity and direction.

Read along, and you will find advice on “how to,” “how not to,” and “what God has to say about it.” My hope is that women will not feel isolated in the struggle to “raise” their families alone — that they will know the comfort and satisfying assurance that only God can give.

Always eager for your feedback, please use the Comment Section to react and respond. Share your stories; tell about your experiences.